Glorious technicolor and monochromatic lit up Moozee spring/summer 2014 collection, drenching the new season in head-to-toe primaries and color-blocked brights.

From casual sporty to chic modern elegance, we paid homage to timeless shapes and revealed a new style inspired by global trend. Barrel bag dipped in shocking watermelon, lemon and spring green. Bucket bag in classic navy and tan and most dazzling of all, are multicolor tote bags in sporty look that pulse with shade upon sumptuous shade.

High glossed, smoothly polished and distressed are the finishes on offer from our premium leather collection. For a more casual day out, textured canvas and water resistant nylon are still on high demand and unapologetically high in function.

This time we add a new way of accessorizing with a razzle dazzle of tassels. Strutting a rainbow of colors in classic green, feisty red, softly pink, cool grey, elegant burgundy and mustard, it is a wonderful juxtaposition of embellishment that will enrich the wardrobe both day and night and waft in a new category of playfulness.